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Hi there!

I’m Alexandra Hernández “Alex…” and I am the person behind the camera.

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The magic of photography

In a webxploration of links, I found this video of photographer Ian Ruhter. I remembered something that not knowingly, but because of a pseudo disease called bad memory, I forgot.

While studying photography, one of the highlights was being in the darkroom. Something about the combination of smells, nervousness and desperate anticipation to know if the photos came out right, or if there’s any photos at all. How I wish photography could go back to that moment of magic and uncertainty that made it so special. No disrespect at all for digital photography, is just a matter of magic.

In the boom of the future I found caught up in digital photography and personal events that changed my direction. It was when three teachers, colleagues and friends gave me a small job as an assistant. Helping with the investigation of old techniques, mostly on the internet and old library books, accommodating chemicals and tools. I imagined the beautiful photographs that could be done with these techniques. It was a moment where the expectation to produce photographs from scratch returned. But maybe it wasn’t the right time in my life, and I didn’t seize the opportunity.

Unfortunately, I never got to see the end of that product, I never knew if there was any, I would have liked to know.


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Love you Costa Rica!

In the past weeks, my husband and I were lucky enough to go back to our country Costa Rica. Although it was only for a few days, we got to see friends and family, and manage to go to the beach and a volcano.

“I love my country, love the people, that everywhere you look there’s beauty. If you ever get your hands on some extra money, go to Costa Rica, is worth it!”

You can see more photos in our gallery.



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Today, my baby is turning 6 years old, and starting to grow white hairs. How can you not love that saggy old face?


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Grey, Tejoncita, Enzon & Nero

A couple of years ago, I met Marcela, a person full of love for animals and not afraid to get her hands dirty to improve the lives of animals.

In 2011, there was a drug bust from which 3 dogs were rescued, one of them was pregnant. Under the best care, the dog had her puppies, one of the babies was Grey. Grey is a special case, and I’m not saying that in a bad way. From her early days she had difficulty moving around, she didn’t run like her siblings, she could only crawl.

Marce, adopted her and searched for a diagnosis. But she did not sit around and waited, she gave Grey rehabilitation, day by day there were small improvements, which, for those of us who only followed her story on Facebook, we were thrilled. Watching her move her legs in the water, and a soon enough running while stumbling into the arms of Marce.

On my trip to Costa Rica, I had to meet this little baby full of inspiration and love, and it was a joy to do so. Grey is a playful little girl, always surrounded by her furry brothers and sisters playing around. And although physically her body keeps a figure carved by her early disability, she still loves to run, give kisses and ask for love. Her brothers and sisters are the same, almost had to have 8 arms more to pet them all.

Enzo, the older brother is mad with joy, or “very intense” as Marce says. La Tejoncita, is reserved, but she demands attention and love over the others.

And Nero, who a few days ago Marce had rescued after weeks of trying. A silent and shy, but affectionate and playful. After going back and forth, Nero is still with Marcela and her doggies, with his health somewhat impaired, but under the care of a person doing everything possible to make it better. Nero and Grey are inseparable, it will be difficult to separate when the day comes.

Here, I give you my first attempt at a family photo shoot other than the photographs I do for adoption. I had fun, I got covered with drool and kisses and a heart full of joy to see these puppies happy with Marce.



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  • About Me-image
  • About Me-image
  • About Me-image
  • About Me-image

About Me

Hi there!
I’m Alexandra Hernández “Alex…” and I am the person behind the camera.

Serké Studio is our family business, divided into three branches: photography, architecture and design.

I’m based in Topeka, Kansas. But most of my photography work takes place at Lawrence, Kansas. I would like to travel to my home country Costa Rica and snap a few photos of furry friends there. I have a bachelor degree in Photography from Véritas University in San José, Costa Rica. I also have studies in web and graphic design. My first language is Spanish, and I also speak English. I hope to learn Italian, German and Portuguese some time in the future.

Want to know a more about me?

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, Central America.

My parents taught me the love for animals since I was in my mom’s belly, and still do until today. They taught me with experience that pets are not just animals, they are an essential part of the family, and every animal deserves respect. In my life here have always been animals, most of them passed away, but always remembered. Now I have three beloved pets, Geri (who lives in Costa Rica with my mom) and my two born ticos Avril and Jakob, who traveled with us from Costa Rica and are a very important part of our family.

I’ve always been a family person, my family always comes first. By the end of my studies in photography, the health of three of my grandparents grew worse, and I decided to pause my career and devote my time to help and care for them until the last days. It is an experience of which I have no regrets, and putting the pain of losing them aside, I would do all aver again without thinking about it twice.

I am in love with art and expression, not a day goes by without music in my head. When I have time I play guitar, draw, paint, or build something. All of this is my dad’s teaching (he is as crazy as me) and my maternal grandfather who was not only a carpenter but also an artist who taught me his profession in his little workshop of dreams.

Currently, I am dedicated to photographing dogs for adoption and I hope to grow into photographing more pets and families with their pets.

My intention with pet photography is customer satisfaction, but above all that pets feel comfortable and be themselves. In most sessions, my husband assists me, he is another animal lover and does whatever he do to catch their attention, getting interesting expressions as result.

Besides pet photography, which is my priority, I love to capture moments in the lives of people and the world. Moments in time that if not for photography, are forgotten. It has never been my intention to take preconceived portraits, or studied landscapes. I’m fan of the spontaneous. And that’s the intention that I carry behind the camera.


  • Our Experience during the process-image
  • Our Experience during the process-image
  • Our Experience during the process-image
  • Our Experience during the process-image

Our Experience during the process

Our promise is to photograph your pet (and you) with dedication and professionalism. We promise to be loving, warm, conscientious and energetic. Our hope is to have a personal connection with every pet and owner.

A. Email me

You can complete my contact form or just send me an email with your info and a tentative date of when do you want the photo session to happen, I’ll check my calendar and confirm you if I’m available. Then we can talk about locations and any question you might have.

B. Appointment

After we confirm a date for the photo session and a pre day to meet the stars of the photo session you can confirm the appointment.

C. Let’s be prepare

C. Let’s be prepare

I’ll email you all you need to do to be ready, what to expect, prices of different products, pet information survey, release forms, delivery times, policies, etc. You’ll need to download and sign the model release form, complete the survey, pay the appointment and review our catalog of products.

D. Let's meet

We’ll get together before the shoot to go thru the planning at your place. The most important part of this meeting is to be able to meet your pets, so they get use to me, all the fun and excitement starts here!!

E. Photo session

Included in my equipment will be a lot of stuff to make your pet more relax; treats and toys for the model. We have to make this session as funnier as possible and total focus in your little friend!! You just need to sit-down and relax.

F. Work preview

One week after the session you’ll receive a link to my blog, there you can see the best pictures of the shoot. You can also forward this link to family of friends and just show off.

G. The cute moment

Some days after the preview, and after long days and nights of my detailed editing to get you the best final product, I’ll have the images of the shoot ready to go online into a private gallery in my site, and then you’ll have a week to choose the images you want printed. You need to take your time to go thru all the images and choose which one you want and in which format you want them, you can call me at any time to confirm material and dimensions for the printings.

H. Order

When you are fully sure of the images you want and how you want them, we can arrange a call to confirm how you want the images deliver and confirm the prices for the printings. You can pay me thru PayPal or mailing a check.

I. Get your photos!

Only a couple of weeks of placing the order, you’ll receive by mail all your products, everything wrapped really nice, it’ll be just like opening a present. And now you can show off and tell all of your friends.

J. Exhibit

Just display them where ever you want, this is all about you. So everyone will be able to see these beautiful images of your baby for a long time. And you can also share the amazing experience that this photo session was for you. Thanks!

How long is the photo session?-image

How long is the photo session?

The photo session usually lasts for one hour, depending of the amount of pets; we take in consideration that your pet may get exhausted by the photo session.

What kind of pets do you photograph? -image

What kind of pets do you photograph?

Any kind of pet, the most usual are dogs and cats; but we’ll photograph any kind of pet you have.

How many pets are included? -image

How many pets are included?

Two pets. If you want to add more pets to the photo sessions just let me know and I’ll include it in the quote.

Can I bring my friend's dog to the session too? -image

Can I bring my friend's dog to the session too?

In some cases it’s possible, they can be together in the photo sessions or just as “moral support” for your pet.

What if my dog is unruly-scared by the camera? -image

What if my dog is unruly-scared by the camera?

No matter how they behave. Just let us know before the session and we can create a nice ambient for your pet.

Is there a minimum amount I have to purchase? -image

Is there a minimum amount I have to purchase?

No, we give our services in packages, so you just have to choose the one you like more.

Can the photo session be indoor/outdoor?-image

Can the photo session be indoor/outdoor?

If your pet is a cat the session will be inside your house. For your dog we can do it where ever you want, as long he feels comfortable.

Can the photos be taken in a studio?-image

Can the photos be taken in a studio?

We don’t use a studio for pet photos. It’s better to have your friend in a nature ambient for them, where he can be relax and happy

When is the best time of the day?-image

When is the best time of the day?

The best is to get the photos in the morning or afternoon, if you want them outdoor; if the photo session will be indoor we can choose any time.

Will you travel?-image

Will you travel?

Yes, we can travel within the US and internationally. We’ll just add the cost of the travel expenses to our regular fee.

Do you only take photos of pets?-image

Do you only take photos of pets?

My specialties are the pets. But as you can see in my gallery have done several types of works, so if you like my work and want to hire my service, let’s talk about it.

Drop me a line

Contact Me-image

Contact Me

Topeka, Kansas

Phone: (785) 554-0963